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U.S. Police Forces Are Being Israelized

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Why did our European ancestors talk about "the Jewish Question" for so many centuries

20 Huge Problems With the "Holocaust" Story

Noble Savage Myth Department:
"A Fate Worse Than Death"

White Women Captured By Indians: What was it really like?


Adolf Hitler Was Gay

 Gay marriage, gay rights, gay heritage
And the Nazi Party was founded
in a gay bar.


Gay marriage is a "total farce"


The Dirty Little Secret: Most Gay Couples Aren't Monogamous

Free Your Mind From Federal Propaganda
Articles of Thomas DiLorenzo

Shattering Another Anti-White Myth:
Which races have the most pedophiles?

The Holocaust Is For Dummies

Historical White Slavery, Anti-White Slavery Propaganda, and Why It is Asinine

The ugly "holocaust" lie, the Truth about WWII, and the Nobility of   Germans

Pro-diversity researcher: Racial diversity ruins a community's friendliness, sense of community, charitableness, communalism itself

Montana Bone Find: Some ancestors of the 12,600- year-old Montana skeleton probably lived in present-day Germany. 

Four Victorian ladies on ship waving farewell, White Evolution, We Changed

The View from England

Understanding the Jews
Why Jews work for White genocide

N.W.O is a Throwback to Totalitarian Judaism
Israel Shahak

"Separation and Its Discontents"
Book Review

The Jews and their "6 million" Fetish vs. Reality

(Note: No gas chambers,gassed bodies, or remains of gassed bodies -- were ever seen or found.)

The "Chosen race" mythology of the Jews is crumbling

The Genocidal Jew-Created State of South Africa
Mandela's Legacy: Murder & Persecution of a Minority

How Jews conspired to destroy Africa's most prosperous nation for both whites and blacks


 Professions White Folks Like
Veterinarian & farmer tops the list at  95 percent white

They Deliberately Destroy Gentile Nations With Porn

The Affirmative Action Hoax: Reject this Injustice Against Whites
The word "racist" was invented by a genocidalist Jew, Leon Trotsky, who helped engineer the holocausting of the Russians and called the ethnic Russians "white niggers"


What Is Black Privilege?

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What really happened in Germany in WWII?

Genocide of the White South Africans
Is Our Country Next?
Don't scroll down very far if you can't stomach seeing White Farmers mutilated and murdered. It's unpleasant to post it, but the savagery and extent of it should raise the point: Why isn't it International News?
 Tribal Media Considers it Unimportant

  Racial Love Song: Halo

White Identity, Couple with rose, Fight Jewish Race Hate

Anti-White Videos

Quotable Quote:
"If liberal leftists believe that evil racist white people are capable of rising up and becoming violent and genocidal, shouldn't they also acknowledge that other peoples are just as capable of doing the same?
"If their thinking was consistent, you would expect them to more hesitant about reducing their children to a minority.
"Sometimes you'll hear them say things like "racism will never go away and it is something that we must fight for forever".
"Well, if that's the case, wouldn't you prefer that your children are in a position of power where they can avoid being victimized by that racism?
"And if they believe that racism can be abolished, wouldn't you think that they would want to abolish it BEFORE stripping their children of their democratic political power?"
-- Hugh MacDonald  

Researcher: Humans choose friends with similar DNA

A kosher expose of pervert Alfred Kinsey and the engineered "sexual revolution" (moral destruction of the  people)

Who's Behind the "Global Warming" Hoax?

White Dream Time: The Wild Hunt


    The Truth About Alex Jones
(A collection of articulate, ethnically conscious anti-immigration posts by YouTube thread commentors in the U.K.)

Free Music Download
"They're Always Saying"
Right-click for free MP3 of this white-wakeup jingle
White friend, it's coming here if you don't wake up now like the rest of us and Love Your People. Repeat: What's happening to South Africa is coming here -- and already has started. Whites hunted in their own lands, and their murder encouraged by the media owners. Claim your White Identity now, stand up for your country as a White-founded nation, and demand equal rights in the country your parents and grandfathers created. And remember: Slavery was a long time ago and created by Jews. Nobody's done more try try to help blacks than Whites have. 
 White Identity: Amish girls in black around single younger girl

White People Are Cool

"Diversity" strikes: For the first time rape is now commonplace in the Nordic countries, and it's all by the "diversity"

How Britain's Liberal-Left Are Destroying Britain's National Identity
All English should Read This!

English Ethnic Identity &
Survival Sites:

The British Peoples' Party

England is the front lines and ground-zero in the fight of White Europeans to stay alive and keep their nations, and many true English Hearts are arising.

Free MP3 Music Download
"Anthem For The Men of the West"

By Mr. Lee
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The Jews Behind "Homeland Security"

The Primal Jewish Role in Russia's Genocidal Communist Revolution
Basic history they've suppressed in White countries and White schools


What Obama Is

by Jack Wheeler
"The O-man, Barack Hussein Obama, is an eloquently tailored empty suit. No resume, no accomplishments, no experience, no original ideas, no understanding of how the economy works, no understanding of how the world works, no balls, nothing but abstract, empty rhetoric devoid of real substance.
"He has no real identity. He is half-white, which he rejects. The rest of him is mostly Arab, which he hides but is disclosed by his non-African Arabic surname and his Arabic first and middle names as a way to triply proclaim his Arabic parentage to people in Kenya . Only a small part of him is African Black from his Luo grandmother, which he pretends he is exclusively.
"What he isn't, not a genetic drop of, is 'African-American,' the descendant of enslaved Africans brought to America chained in slave ships. He hasn't a single ancestor who was a slave. Instead, his Arab ancestors were slave owners.
"Slave-trading was the main Arab business in East Africa for centuries until the British ended it. Let that sink in: Obama is not the descendant of slaves, he is the descendant of slave owners.
"Thus he makes the perfect Liberal Messiah. It's something Hillary doesn't understand - how some complete neophyte came out of the blue and stole the Dem nomination from her.
"Obamamania is beyond politics and reason. It is a true religious cult, whose adherents reject Christianity yet still believe in Original Sin, transferring it from the evil of being human to the evil of being white.
"Thus Obama has become the white liberals' Christ, offering absolution from the Sin of Being White. There is no reason or logic behind it, no faults or flaws of his can diminish it, no arguments Hillary could make of any kind can be effective against it.
"The absurdity of Hypocrisy Clothed In Human Flesh being their Savior is all the more cause for liberals to worship him: Credo quia absurdum, I believe it because it is absurd.
"Thank heavens that the voting majority of Americans remain Christian and are in no desperate need of a phony savior. He is ridiculous and should not be taken seriously by any thinking American."

-- Jack Wheeler  

The ideal world is many peoples, many tribes, many ways, many cultures, many nations.
Not one Jewish-controlled World Disorder.
Peter Quiggins Blog


Council Of
Concerned Citizens

CigPapers Blog

Western Voices

Institute For Historical Review

White Genocide Project

American 3rd Position

Pro White Party



Daily Stormer




European Knights Project

Thug Report

Modern Heretic

 Irish Savant

Youth Network




Race is, according to the Jewish writer Henry Makow, one of the "four pillars of human identity." World controllers want to destroy the various supportive forms of  human identity and diversity and make humanity into a mass of distinctionless people with no particular connections or natural support, fully dependent on them. But the loss of any people, just as any animal species, as a tragedy

Family, ethnic, and racial identity creates belonging and diverse groups in the world.
Though Whites are now demographically endangered, positive ethnic identity and racialism is encouraged for Blacks, Latinos, and everybody else -- but Whites get attacked if they express it. How did this irrational situation begin? It comes from propaganda and manipulation of the White mind.

Are you a White who doesn't care about the survival of your own people and the diverse White Europeans?
Shake off the propaganda! Resist White European Genocide!

"Racist" is a propaganda word created by the Communist Leon Trotsky for the destruction of the White European peoples.
What do you call a person who:
1) Wants to have a positive ethnic identity for him or herself, and her children?
2) Wants to see the various unique peoples and  nations survive?
3) Wants to see his own racial and ethnic people live on?

Can you see any difference between these natural things and the ham-handed bludgeon slur-word "racist"?
But do you slur the above person as a "racist"? Then you have been manipulated into self-destruction by the Communist slur-word,
a word that demonizes a host of human feelings that are natural and give human diversity and belonging.
Wake up!
Whites are presently down to only 8.2% of world population! This from our high water mark of 28 percent in 1950.
   Global White Population to Plummet to Single Digit—Black Population to Double  
The White women are now only 5.5 percent of world population!
Only one third of these are of child-bearing years. Thus White women who can bear children are now a mere 2 percent of world population!
My White brothers and sisters, our race is heavily endangered!
And it's anti-White multi-culturalist propaganda, and an agenda, that has brought this about.

Every other ethnic minority, from Jews to Hispanics to Blacks, have proud and unapologetic ethnic preservation and support programs and movements.

  We have protections for everything from homosexuals to homeless dogs and cats and other animals. We have special Affirmative Action laws, unjust to Whites, that guarantee jobs and economic advantage to other ethnicities. We have laws protecting different breeds of fish and plants.
That small number of White women -- a third of 4.5% -- must give birth to the new generation of white people. But presently White couples are giving birth to only 1.2 children (average) per couple, cutting the White population by half each generation.

Add to this the new, aggressive race-mixing propaganda showing Black, Asian, Middle-Eastern males with White females. The race that is most threatened and most in decline is also the most propagandized into race-mixing and genetic destruction.

Grow White Families

Then add the constant demonization of the White race by media (mostly spurious and invalid) that gives White youth a negative self-image and the false idea that their own race should disappear.

White Children, Five Little Peppers, How They Grew

Whites are an ancient people responsible for building many  advanced cultures. They have uncovered great knowledge. Whites have a pronounced spiritual, charitable and humanitarian instincts, and are a people of great beauty.
Or the perverse idea that race-mixing, and even their own disappearance, is somehow "virtuous."  Whatever few White children being born are being propagandized with this "multi-cultural" (non-cultural) agenda.

White Europeans are being truly genocided right in their own countries by  "multiculturalist" and "diversity" propaganda that makes it "culturally invalid" for Whites -- and Whites alone -- to have borders, assert  and claim their legitimate ethnic interests, and have ethnic solidarity like Jews, Hispanics, Blacks, and other peoples.

We travel all over the world to save endangered species like white tigers, white owls, white pelicans, white rhinos, white bears, white orcas, white sharks. But somehow we don't have a single program (NOT ONE) program protecting White populations or strengthening that ancient people's birth rate.
All other ethnicities have advocacy groups. But somehow White Europeans get slandered as "racist," "supremacist," or even called "Nazis" just for seeking parity with other peoples -- or simple survival. This is ignorant and it is evil.

Who are the real evil racists here? The Whites who want to stop genocidal immigration into their countries and have equal rights in the countries they founded and created? Or those who call Whites "racist" and "evil" for merely standing up for themselves and claiming their ethnic identity.

Multiculturalism in White countries and demonization of positive White identity, plus an enforced massive non-White immigration into White nations -- are the two active techniques of this Genocide.
White Identity, Pride and Prejudice Edwardian Dance
  Have Pride and Post-Judice.
Love your People. Date and Mate White.
White women of European heritage! Now is the time to save your Race. At this time you can be not only mothers to your own children, but Mothers of your very Race and its destiny. White race-mixing at this time is a gross betrayal of a unique, great and ancient people created by Nature over eons, made by God.

The Jewish War Against Whites Continues Unabated:
"Hate Crime" Hypocrisy, Media Filtering that Hides the Rate of Black Crime, And Its Violent Toll on Whites:

Black men, less than 7 percent of of population, rape over 30,000 white women EVERY YEAR. sThe figure for White men raping black women is zero year-after-year.
Which race do you think needs more protection?

Time to stand up and save your people, your unique White nation, and your very Race.

Russian Geneticists Disprove "Out of Africa" Theory

Who Pays Rush Limbaugh To Keep Americans in the Dark?


Violence Against Whites


Sandy Hook Was Israeli Death Squads

Just Like Port Arthur, Norway, etc.
Book: "White Identity"
Jared Taylor  

Defend White Identity and White Existence:
Evidence Suggests European Stone Age People Discovered America


Ancient White Bones of The Americas

March Of The Titans
More info on the early Whites of America.
Flyer for Activists -- Print out and spread!
White Identity, Ancient White Bones of the Americas

The "out of Africa" theory was smashed long ago.
White Identity: Painting of Indians attacking White settlers 

Barbarian Cruelty
Eyewitness Accounts of the 1,000-Year Period of White Slavery

For 1,000 years, Muslim raided Europe and took white Christians as slaves.
These slaves were not used as farm workers or allowed to have families like Antebellum slavery.
They were primarily used as sex slaves and slave soldiers. They lived short, brutal lives in captivity.





Michael Hoffman

Institute For Historical Review

Heating/cooling is controlled  by the cycles of the sun. See how the earth is cooling and "global warming" is a banker/globalist fraud.

One 3rd Of The Holocaust

Learn how a fraudulent "holocaust" is used to smear and intimidate Whites, natural White racialism and nationalism.

Western Voices World News
Council Of Concerned Citizens
Pro White Party
Institute For Historical Review


Alternative Right
The Occidental Quarterly

Age Of Treason
Majority Rights
British Isles viewpoint & posters.
Cambria Will Not Yield

End Zog
Exposing the Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy
Deep background, deep understanding!
List of Historians
This idea of a Jewish "holocaust" is today used by the Jewish hostile elite as a rationale for promoting White genocide worldwide. Above is a list of historians and researchers, large and varied, who state there were no homicidal gas chambers, no methodical geocide of Jews, and no 6 million Jews killed in WWII.
American 3rd Position Party
Political party created  by Kevin MacDonald  that represents the interests of America's  founding people.

Learn who perpetrated 9-11 for wars on behalf of Israel and to create an American police state

Brother Nathaniel
Learn how cultural Marxism attacks  the four pillars of identity and human  happiness. The site of a wise Jew.

Websites Zionists Hate
Collected  by Henry Makow
Peter Quiggins Blog
A powerful crash course on the Jews' covert race-ware against Whites.
Free Fabulous Girl
The Foremost Problem
My Passionate Project
Wonderful free-minded articles and observations by "Angela"

Irish Savant
Diversity Is Chaos
Easy Cures for Jewish-Engineered  White Guilt

-- Meditate on these 22 facts about slavery -- and love your people --

1. Prior to the creation of Antebellum (Southern) Slavery in the U.S., Whites were enslaved  by African Muslims for 10 centuries. It was such a common tragedy and constant threat during 10 centuries in Europe that today central Europeans are called "Slavs." White Europeans lived in constant fear of invasion, capture, and enslavement by African Muslims.

2. White slaves were not allowed to have families, as blacks were in America. They were primarily used as sex slaves and as captive soldiers forced to fight wars.

3. Slave buying, transporting, and selling in America was dominated by Jews, not White Gentiles. Some estimates attribute 95 percent of the business to Jews. (See more below.)

4. Slavery of blacks in America was a long time ago, was originally outlawed by the White states, and all-in-all took place within 2 centuries rather than 10.

5. Slavery was limited to the the southern states. Northern Whites had no involvement with slavery and neither did most Southern whites.

6. In the south only 4 percent of Southern "whites" owned slaves, and a great many were Jews who distinguish themselves from White Gentiles.

7. The South was not the economic power that built America, but rather, the industrial North, which was manned and staffed almost entirely by Whites.

8. Slavery in the South was a rich man's game. The vast majority of Southern whites did not own slaves and slavery worked against their prosperity.

9. Slavery originated in Africa. Every slave was sold to a westerner by a black slave owner.

10. White involvement with slavery (in the South) was very short in historical time, no bigger than a knot tied in a string that is stretched across a room.

11. Slavery, practiced from the dawn of recorded history in Africa, is still common in Africa today. In fact, White nations have problems with African immigrants bringing slaves to their countries (such as the UK) and keeping them in captivity.
3b. American Southern slavery was primarily created and run not by White Gentiles but by Jews who have nothing in their religion prohibiting slavery of non-Jews, and whose religion actually advocates the enslavement of non-Jews. This is documented in the Jews' own histories and found in the book  "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews."

12 The original White settlers of the American colonies had slavery outlawed in all colonies. It was against white Christian ideals. But Jews got the laws changed so they could profit from slavery. Then Jews created the world center of slavery in Providence, Rhode Island, which was primarily a Jewish settlement.

13. All slaves brought to America were purchased from black slave owners in Africa, usually chieftains who enslaved members of enemy tribes. Originally it likely took the form of a novelty and rescue in which seafaring Whites found out they could acquire a grateful deckhand for some rum or trinkets, and save him from a short and brutal life under the African chieftain.

14. If an African slave survived the voyage he was generally getting an upgrade compared to life as a slave in Africa. By contrast to the short, brutal life he was guaranteed in Africa, he would live to old age and have descendants (which filled America today). A slave owed by a rival African chieftain could expect to be worked to death, tortured for entertainment, or even eaten. In one a black chieftain directed hundreds of his slaves to jump off a cliff at his command, to their sure deaths, simply to impress a white visitor. By contrast a slave in the American South was considered highly valuable -- more than a horse or a car today -- and there were laws against harming or stealing them, and a white who did so could be punished by hanging. Blacks were only hung for real crimes such as rape or murder, and White criminals were also hung.

15. The first person in America to own another human being, for life, as a slave was a black African named Anthony Johnson who sued for lifetime ownership of another African. By 1699, the number of blacks freed by whites prompted fears of a “Negro insurrection.” Virginia Colonial ordered the repatriation of freed blacks back to Africa. Many blacks sold themselves to white masters so they would not have to go to Africa. However, black slave owners continued to thrive in the United States. By 1830 there were 3,775 black families living in the South who owned black slaves. By 1860 there were about 3,000 slaves owned by black households in the city of New Orleans alone. Whites still cannot manage to end slavery in Africa today.

16. Whites outlawed slavery (starting with the British) and worked to eradicate it worldwide.

17. Slavery still persists in Africa today.

18. Jews spend a great deal of energy guilting whites about slavery  while  keeping  quiet a out their central role in American slavery. Steven Spielberg makes movies that feature "White Christian" slavers instead of Jews.

19. Jews don't regard themselves as "white" and they are the primary voices fomenting and transmitting "white guilt." People like Noel Ignatiev and Tim Wise who openly advocates for the genocide of Whites are almost always Jewish or part Jewish.These  are the voices that instill white guilt into noble-hearted whites by emphasizing long-past situations, ignoring the Jewish role, and ignoring Whites' own longer subjection to slavery throughout Europe, and the fact that Whites are a charitable and philanthropic people who are constantly trying to help, lift up, and protect other peoples. The anti-white "Jewish Voice" rings out loudly through Jewish-owned media and wherever Jews are in large concentrations such as universities. If you have "white guilt" it's because Jews wanted you to feel that way.

20. The first genocide in recorded history was done by Jews.

21. The holocaust perpetrated on the people of Russia by Jews is much larger than the millions even claimed by Jews in Germany. (Which is a false claim.)

22. White people are not "Germans." But in any case it was the Germans who were genuinely holocausted in WWII -- not the Jews. There were no homicidal gas chambers and the Germans treated camp inmates in a far more humane way than Jewish communists treated Russians in their gulags.
The White Peoples Have Their Own Diversity -- Love Your People

If you look at American media prior to 1965, when America was overwhelmingly White, you'll notice all of the characters are White people. (With some exceptions as "tokenhood" started.) You'll notice, also, that there are a variety of characters and types represented in the Whites. In other words, there is plenty of diversity. There may be a darker Italian type, a Nordic heroic type, a funny and gregarious pudgy type, a slim intellectual type. Different hair types. All kinds of faces and body types -- among Whites! In other words, there is plenty of "diversity" right among the Europeans. However, it takes a spiritual, subtle, eye to appreciate it. When the mind becomes material, densified, gross -- it requires extremes of diversity to sense or feel anything.

Thus the desire to mix all kinds of extreme heterogeneity into your own people is really just a fetish of those who have grown spiritually callous and insensate. It comes from boredom, jadedness -- that is, spiritual insensitivity. Spiritual people are never bored and don't lust for grosser and grosser (coarser and coarser) thrills. Spiritual men and women delight in the subtle, and can easily appreciate their own people and see the variety and diversity in them. Fetishes for blacks, Asians, is just a sign of spiritual deadness plus abandonment & devaluation of your own people's rich variety. It also leads to the destruction of the unique peoples as the ignorant get the idea that it is "cool" and "enlightened" and "progressive" to end their genes, to end what it took Nature eons of Time to create. They are being manipulated by media to do this.

One of the basic things, by the way, that commercial media does is to try to shock the viewer by continually introducing "the new," the breaking of taboos, the sensational, the shocking. So media at first plays the role of making everybody extremely jaded and insensitive -- in general. In other words, commercial media specializes in deadening and de-spiritualizing everybody. Thus, of course, they finally bring in race-mixing to keep the novelty and shock value up to the population they are spiritually deadening. On one level, race-mixing is being promoted by tribal-run media simply for the sake that the shock value keeps it interesting -- keeps them making money. Then secondarily, it also serves the "tribal" agenda for Whites in broader terms. All bad things go together. The  jadedness of the White through exposure to media meant for profit and social re-engineering; goes right along with race-mixing itself, and the destruction of European genes and community.



"The Hated White Race"
 by Native American David Yeagley about the mindless self-destruction of White people. It should wake a lot of people up!

David Yeagley is the great-great-grandson
of Comanche leader Bad Eagle.


The White Things


Anti-White Media

March Of The Titans

Where a Real Holocaust Actually Happened
(And who did it)

The Truth About MLK

Jews Crowing About Their 'Defeat of White People'

Who Killed John F. Kennedy

Kennedy Killed By Mossad So Israel Could Get Nuclear Weapons

Destruction of Our Nation -- Immigration Gumballs
The treachery of our White political leaders has risen to Treason. Must watch.

How World Jewry Pushed England America
Into World War II

Every American Needs To Read This

Barack Obama, The Rothschild's Choice
 Amazing Expose of this Illuminati-Installed Communist President

Long Live the Men (and Women)
Of the West!
Easily the most important and ground-breaking 9-11 investigator
Climate is controlled by the sun,  and we are due for the next ice age. Track the global cooling.

"Whoever attacks the  morals of a people is that  people's true attacker."

Resisting Anti-White Psy-Ops

Writings of Michael Hoffman

Exposing the Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy

The N.W.O. is a Throwback
to Totalitarian Judaism

Israel Shahak

The "Holocaust" as a Psy-Op
Revealing Quotes

Elie Wiesel The Fraud

Where's the tattoo?

Simon Wiesenthal,
The Fraud

Famed "Nazi hunter" was a fake through-and-through. Now the whole world can finally say it.

The Times, U.K.

More about Judas Goat and Zionist Disinfo Agent Alex Jones
Justice For Germans

The Institute For Historical Review

The Lies That Destroy Nations & Peoples

Dismantle The American-Zionist Axis of Aggression that Creates Wars and Destroys Nations

A Short Introduction to the Subject of Historical Correction

Historical revision really started with the original fictional stories  like  homicidal "gas chambers"  "6 million Jews," etc.

Learn The
Truth About Israel
and America
What Zionist-controlled U.S. media never tells you about Israel and Palestine.

Comprehensive List of Zionist Crimes

Race-Mixing Is Stupid
If the fox let every creature into its nest, there would be no more foxes. If the bluebird mated with other bird types, there would be no more bluebirds. Race-mixing brings the destruction of the unique peoples.

It is not good to choose a mate as a political statement.

Whites don't owe anything to Black people, and you don't owe your body or genetic suicide to them.

You have been propagandized into thinking it's cool.

Things once "cool" and faddish later go out of style.

Race-mixing is not psychologically natural or psychologically sound. We have the strongest psychological and karmic affinities with people who are like ourselves, and like our parents, family, and ancestors. Race-mixed couples are on a weak psychological and spiritual foundation.

It throws away your beautiful White European genes, ages-wrought, forever. Your children won't look at all like you. Your eons-wrought White European looks will be lost forever. It took nature eons of time to create your particular White European bone structure, look, and physical features. Your look is the product of particular northern bioregions, thousands of decisions of White ancestors, and the spirit and values of your people. Your unique European genetic traits are completely obliterated -- they end -- when mating to a person of heterogeneous genes, especially of Africa.

The White peoples are loaded with their own European diversity and genetic variation.

The White Europeans peoples are demographically and politically threatened right now. They need their women to stand by them now more than ever.

Parents and grandparents didn't do it. Usually the things your ancestors did and didn't do were because of wisdom, and not because they were "stupid" or not "cool." It is bizarre and unnatural to live in a way that is radically different from one's parents and ancestors. It only occurs via manipulation and propaganda. So race-mixing comes from manipulation and propaganda.


You were born to White parents, and into a White European ethne, through deep karmic affinities that you had earned. Your non-White mate did not have those karmic affinities or earn a birth into the same race as yours.


Race-mixing destroys natural ethnic cohesiveness. (That's what the New World Order wants.)

It give a weak psychological foundation for marriage. We have the most natural emotional affinity and resonance with those most like our own relatives of the opposite sex. Someday you will see one of those, and you will want to leave your exotic mate.


It is a sign of boredom, lust, and carnality. These are not spiritual traits. Spiritual people appreciate the subtle differences in their own people, and do not seek exotic thrills.

Thinking something's cool because you see it on TV is not a good basis for making major life decisions with your body, life-force, and family.

Your children will not really be resonant with your side of the family, or with his side. They will be different than both sides.


Your children won't look much like you.


Often the children of these marriages wish they had been born either one or the other; a true European or a true African or African-American. They often wish they had been born of a particular true type, and not a nebulous, mixed type. It is common for troubles to develop in youth with these children, and that message to the mother has often been heard. ("Why didn't you marry your own?! I could have been...")

Mixing all the races together and destroying the unique types and Nature's diversity won't end world problems in any way.

A White man will ALWAYS appreciate you more than a Black. It is not natural for a Black man to deeply love a White woman in the way that a White will love his own kind of woman, who is similar to his own people. Blacks appreciate the beauty of their own women best; White men have the keenest eyes for the beauty of their own White women. A  black man will always have a certain contempt for you, and he regards you mostly a a certain sort of conquest, ego trip, or attainment. That's not love.

In the case of Africans, they have smaller average skull sizes and lesser average IQs.


A White woman going with a black man is rejecting her own people, including all of her relatives, most of whom would not approve of her race-mixing.

Those who have a strong relationship with their own parents and family are the ones who find race-mixing the most unnatural and unattractive. Women with weak relationships with their fathers are the most likely to race-mix. So race-mixing is based on an existing weak, or flawed, family background. It is not based on wholesomeness or a positive family situation. One bad thing comes from another bad thing. If a woman is angry at her father, or has a weak relationship with him, she is more likely to heal that (and overcome that flaw) with a man who is most like her father. Not least like him. Race-mixing is often pain avoidance and escape for those with distressed family relationships. It is not a confronting and healing of those.

A race-mixing White woman is making an alliance with a people who, in the case of blacks, are hostile towards here own people and feel as enemies of her own people. For example, why would you want to date the member of a race that rapes 35 thousand of your racial sisters annually? Some day these kinds of thoughts will enter the minds of your racial brothers and sisters relative to your race-mixing. The White race is presently in a war, and in a war, you have to choose a side. The side you choose will some day be noted.

Your black boyfriend regards his possession of you as a cocky affront to the men of your own race.

In the case of a black going with a White, he is rejecting his own people. Why does he consider another people's women better than his own women? He is betraying abandoning his own people. His abandonment of his own people, or considering you superior to a Black woman, is not a virtuous trait in his own context. It is already hard enough for Black women to find mates of their own race. Is it right for a Black to abandon his own women for a White? Article: Black Women the most unpartnered group in America.


It is an expression of arrogance and hubris toward your own society's conventions and your ancestors' values. Relationships created in arrogance and rebellion are not created in the right spirit and usually fail.


Black men have a different culture than White men vis-a-vis their women. It is very common for black males to be hyper-jealous, insecure, and often violent toward their White girlfriends or wives.


He will likely never really feel your equal. Thus there will be tension. For you to want a man who feels obligated to you, or like you're doing him a favor, or elevating him, or that he will be beholden to you, or your plaything -- is dangerous and not a good basis for a marriage.


Race-mixing in women often involves anger -- anger at her father or family, anger at her race (created by incessant anti-White propaganda on television and in movies). Anger at others is not a good basis upon which to choose a mate. Race-mixing also often involves the thought "I'm cool, I'm cutting edge, I'm the first, I'm like Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie" etc. which is pride and arrogance. Good human relationships are not well-built on cockiness and arrogance. The race-mixer feels she is making a political statement and "sticking it to" her own people. Heidi Klum and others are being deliberately lionized and raised up to high status by the Banker Miasm that wants to destroy the distinct peoples and especially the White European nations. Thus her relationship is founded on negative thoughts and attitudes, and a manipulated negative view of her own people and heritage which has to come undone later with more knowledge.

White women who date black men immediately place themselves in the absolute highest statistical risk category for being a victim of a violent crime.

A black male will never feel completely at ease and bond with your while male relatives (no matter how much they all try.)
He is likely to always feel insecure and suspicious, and your male relatives are likely to find him alien and hard to relate to, no matter what good sports they try to be.

No matter how much they try, your parents will never be completely comfortable nor completely satisfied with grandchildren from a mixed-race marriage.

Race-mixing is the final destruction of the social cohesion of ethnic groups. The banker and "New World Order" interests are promoting deracination so to get rid of the many distinct peoples and cohesive nations. By race-mixing, you are cooperating with the N.W.O. in the destruction of natural human communities.

When things get difficult, peoples always fracture around natural ethnic lines.

The White race is in trouble and needs its women to stand by it now more than ever.

The better White European men, loyal to their people and their families, will not want to marry
a white woman who they know has race-mixed.

Ancestors have feelings: According to Taoist and Hindu religion, the spirits of ancestors maintain emotional and spiritual ties with their progeny in this world. They have feelings about who you marry. When you marry a particular person, you are also marrying into his entire ancestral lineage of ancestors. How do you know that his many African ancestors will approve of you? Or that connecting to their energies is really what you want? Or what they want? They probably would like their son to have a wife who looks like them and their line of loved ones. Why would you not want to be connected to the European lineage of ancestors that loves and protects you? How do you know you will not upset the African lineage of ancestors?

It is a beautiful thing to be able to look through photo albums, show your children all your European ancestors, and even see great aunts, uncles, and grandparents who look uncannily like you and your children. What a strange thing to have to look at the African side and have no physical resemblance or cultural roots with them -- for either yourself or your children. Family, racial, and cultural affinities and ties across ages are a beautiful and powerful thing. Why throw that away?

Someday you may find that people of your own race feel betrayed and bitter over what you have done. They are likely to view you as a race-traitor and o defiler of the great and beautiful White European culture and bloodlines, now under threat, instead standing with them in their hour of dire need.

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White Men Who Go with Asians -- A Letter Received

Dear Sirs:

I had seen a copy and paste of your "Race-Mixing is Stupid" list on and I looked up where the source of the list came from and found your site I believe your list is very well-written, however you really need to heavily reprimand white men who race-mix, especially white men who are with yellow women. I have seen more white/yellow couples in my lifetime than white/black couples, and statistics show that whites are much more likely to marry yellows (Asians) than blacks. I live in a yellow country (Taiwan) and if you go out onto the streets, it is not uncommon to see these kinds of couples.

Oftentimes, the white men who are with yellows hold the view "All white women are bitches who want equal rights without equal responsibilities". The myth that yellow people have smaller genitalia and that yellow women are all horny and submissive add fuel to the fire. What angers me most is the ugly mixoid children from these marriages and the view that some whites and yellows have, which is "Eurasian girls are hot" or "Eurasian children are cute", etc. Yellow women with white men are using them as meal tickets and ATM machines or as being trophies, since to many yellow people, having a white boyfriend/husband or a half-white child is the biggest trophy they can have. You need to mention how yellow women who date only white men are doing a huge disservice to yellow men, since yellow men are much less likely than black women to have their own kind to be with. White women aren't happy as well since they have to compete with yellow women for white men, and the sad thing is, some attractive white men mate with very ugly yellow women, and of course the children don't inherit the white parent's looks. Oftentimes, the children feel ashamed when they find out the psychology behind their parents' marriage.

Anyway, my point is, you need to update your "Race-Mixing is Stupid" list to heavily criticize white men who are with yellows and you need to try to state why white men shouldn't date yellow women. Please write back to my email ASAP and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to tell or ask me.

Crystal P.

Dear Julian,

I think it's critical to mention that to all non-whites, light skin, light hair, and light eyes are very desirable traits since they don't have those traits themselves.

The psychology of non-whites who mate with whites is that they want a lighter haired, light skinned child because it's a huge trophy to them.

It doesn't seem that whites who racemix are aware of this fact, but non-whites who mate with whites are subconsciously or consciously after a half-white child they can brag about and show off. However, it's almost impossible for a child to look full-white unless both parents are white.

Here in Taiwan, I flipped through a parenting magazine and I noticed that 1/3 of the children and babies in the magazine (ads & articles) were half-white, half-yellow. There were even different articles where there were 3 different yellow women next to these half-white, half-yellow children. The psychology of the editors of the magazine was obviously, "These children have white features but they aren't white, so people will find them to be more likable than actual white children." & "Half-white half-yellow children are just so much cuter than actual yellow children."I soon called the magazine's editing department and criticized them for publishing such blatant racemixing propaganda. I don't think they take my complaint seriously, since the woman on the line wasn't very responsive.

I'm actually a yellow person but I strongly disapprove of racemixing because of the psychology of racemixers and the dissolution of race that it causes.

Crystal P.
From Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation,  Sept. 1862:
"I have urged the colonization of the Negroes, (back to Africa), and I shall continue.
My Emancipation Proclamation was linked with this plan (of colonization).
There is no room for two distinct races of White men in America,
much less for two distinct races of Whites and Blacks. . . .
I can think of no greater calamity than the assimilation of the negro into our social and political life as our equal . . .
Within twenty years we can peacefully colonize the Negro . . .
under conditions in which he can rise to the full measure of manhood.
This he can never do here. We can never attain the ideal union our fathers dreamed,
with millions of an alien, inferior race among us,
whose assimilation is neither possible nor desirable."