The White

 by Julian Lee

In the Aryan-birthed religion of Vedanta and yoga (as exemplified in the Bhagavad-Gita), there is an element of creation  identified as "satva." (SAT-wah)

refers to the more refined, harmonious, graceful wisdom aspects of the material creation. Flowers, beautiful music, poetry and scripture, wholesome food, harmonious order, subtle beauty. All people and things, in this theory, have some satva. However, the spiritual men and women (God-seeking), and the pure and virtuous, 
the righteous, are considered to have more of it. They are more satvic. 

Satva is the wisdom element, and guides the two other elements, rajas and tamas
It is lighter and more refined. Tamas is said to have the quality of inertia, denseness, coarseness, and darkness. In fact the color black is its associated color. Rajas has the qualities of activity, ambition, and desire. It is associated with blood and redness. The three qualities are found in different mixtures and combinations in the natural things. The various peoples and ethnicities, likewise, have more or less preponderance of satvarajas, or tamas. Jews could be said to be a more rajasic people. Blacks could be said to tend toward tamas. And of course, the very nature of Blacks, visually, is dark and their features are coarser. This triune theory from the Upanishads is known as the theory of the three gunas or trigunas.

There is satvic, tamasic, and rajasic music. And satvic, tamasic, and rajasic food.

There are satvic interests and tendencies:

-- Meditation, art and music, order and beauty, philosophy, learning, service, moral cultivation.

There are rajasic tendencies:

-- Work, fighting for dominance, acquiring wealth and power, sex.

And there are tamasic tendencies:

-- Bodily pleasure and sensual gratification, inertness, addiction, crime.

Johnny Oh!

(Fusillade For The White Man)
Tamas is the stone and bone of life. Rajas is what allows men to be fighters and acquire power. All three gunas are needed, in the the theory, and they keep nature in its state of movement and disequilibrium. Their distributions differ in both individuals and peoples. God-seekers, according to Vedic Yoga, should try to increase their satvic nature and effect diminution of their rajasic and tamasic natures. God Itself, in It's manifested form, is said to predominate with satva. Krsna, in the Bhagavad-Gita enumerates essential qualities of the Godhead and many of them are satvic things. Because the satvic guna is closer to God, the satvic Lord is  the ultimate controller of rajas and tamas, just as a wise and good king exercises control over his soldiers (the rajasic) and his less virtuous and intelligent laborers (the tamasic).

According to the Vedas, the refined and graceful guna, satva, is associated with light colors and, in particular, the color white.

A natural and metaphysical principle is that  spiritual reality is expressed in physical forms. Just as there is such a thing as a noble brow and honest hands, Nature does communicate inner reality through outer form. If you simply look at the color White and the places that it shows in nature, White people can understand that their light color -- often indeed as white as ivory and bone -- marks them as a race of  beauty, wisdom, and grace. Be worthy of your color.

I have noted that attackers-of-Whites, and especially Africans in the various White countries who are typically profoundly racialist, love to disparage White Europeans over their color, likening us to "worms" or "grubs" or "dead things." Taking this tack it is easy to overturn their cart of rotten apples and throw it back on their heads by simply citing the many profound, beneficent and central objects that are colored white. Can blacks do without clouds? Milk? Bones? The generative material? The sun? This article was written as a polemic to hamstring such anti-White rhetoric that sometimes  mortally wounds and confuses young Whites, to throw it back into their faces with force, and to stimulate fresh and vital thinking and polemic-making among Whites. Along the way we can generate some race-protective metaphysical considerations. As my English brothers say, let's have a go...

The White Things
-- White is almost always associated with purity in many things. 

-- The more things are purified the more they take on lighter colors. When people seek to clean things they are also usually trying to make them lighter. A carpet after purification has a lighter color, for example.
Because cleanliness and purity are critical conditions for healing and health, nurses and doctors have long dressed white in hospitals and clinics.

-- White is the color that shows up and reveals stain. When people have any ideal of purity or cleanliness, they seek white things to verify it. So when we want to clean counters and things, we want a White rag. We want our undergarments to be maximally clean, thus white undergarments (underwear) is the norm. White both absorbs stain and reveals it. (We could even point then to the phenomenon of White nations absorbing so many other races as having some metaphysical basis in our very Whiteness.)

-- The more a thing is refined and purified, the lighter and whiter it becomes.

-- Sweet things are white, such as sugar. Even powerful drugs that addict people to their ill-gotten bliss, such as cocaine, are white.

-- The Sun itself, physical creator and sustainer of us all, around which our earth and planets revolve, is white. When filtered through impurities sunlight looks golden. But looked at directly, the sun is electric white. Sunbeams seen on the dusk or morning air are white shafts.

-- The moon, also, is white as white! Both heavenly bodies dominating day and night -- are  white, and both luminous. 

-- Indeed, white is the very color of luminosity.

-- White contains within itself the entire spectrum of other colors.

-- In clothes and in visual art, the color white looks good with any other colors. White  brings out the  very presence of other colors, and makes other  colors more vivid, more known for what they are.

-- Like light, the color white provides sight and guidance. In a dark place or a dark night, things that are white are more easily seen, thus white is a color of guidance.

-- The whiter a thing is, the more it can reflect light. Light reflected on white surfaces can become almost as bright as the original source. White surfaces can catch light and shine like the sun.

-- Fresh snowfalls, one of my favorite things, are white. So are snowflakes. Because of this, snow crystals catch light and glisten even under moonlight.

-- White is the color of the pages upon which all thoughts, all ideas, all knowledge -- can be written.

-- The color that surrounds perception (the iris) in the eye is white.

-- Without the surrounding the iris of the eye, the human personality has no focus and is not seen. The white of the eye reveals the personality of the eyes.

-- The whitest organ in the body is the brain.

-- The blood cells that purify us and kill disease are white.

-- All higher creatures love and require milk, especially at birth, which is white.

-- White is the color of all the stars seen at night, and of comets and meteors as they streak through the sky.

-- Lighting is white. So is electricity, with sometimes a tinge of blue. (Just as Europeans are White with a tinge of blue eyes in some of the population.)

-- The experience at death is meeting a pure white light.

-- The Buddhists also teach that death brings  an opportunity to merge with the "clear light" or the "clear white light."

-- The teeth that feed us, and long defended us, are white.

-- The bones that support us and give us strength and structure are white.

-- When men and women get wisdom, their hair turns white.

-- The crests of ocean waves are white.

-- The clouds which bring rain, give inspiration, and add beauty to an empty sky are white.

-- Some of the best flowers are white, and people love white lilies.

-- The milk of the mother female is translucent white.

-- The sexual generative material in the male, highest and most vital product of his body which reproduces vital human life itself (this most evolved life form) -- is pearly white.

-- Most eggs in nature are white or a very light color. The egg is pure, and represents life and all good to that species.

-- Both diamonds and pearls, some of the most highly treasured objects on the earth, are white or crystalline white.

-- In deep dreamless sleep, when the Vedas say that the ego becomes merged in the Pure Consciousness of the Creator, the only color ever sensed is white

-- The north, where White people came from, is the land of White snows

-- The amazing Northern Lights are white.

-- The wax made by the bee, where he stores his honey and births his young, is white wax

-- The body and skin of the beautiful White European woman, pinnacle of beauty to White men's eyes, is a White field of dreams that evokes the purity of the Pure Consciousness, or Brahman. The White body of the European woman is the reminder, to her men, of the Purity of Brahman.

When mystics and yogis go within successfully, in meditation, they see a  light, called bindu. According to the scriptures of the Upanishads, this inner light is the one original light, source of all grosser lights such as stars and suns, and synonymous with God or Brahman. It's primary color is white.

-- Saints have auras around them that are mostly White, with some blue

-- The color white, being the color of purity, most evokes Brahman, or God as "pure consciousness"

The color white is, in fact, close to God. For this reason Whites have pioneered the great religions such as Vedanta, Yoga, Buddhism, and Christianity. All of those religions, developed by whites, contain a moral rule and a quest for transcendental divine knowledge. This is the highest fruit of the White race, and when we return to it again, we will be strong as before.

Love your people. Protect and fight for them. Stop Jew-fomented race-mixing and race-fetishism. Be worthy of your ancestors, their religion, their knowledge, their attainment, and their color.

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